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Tuotetekno Oy

Tuotetekno is company that was born in 1989 and works on a field of lifting equipment and solutions. Tuotetekno is located in Kellokoski witch is 40 km north from Helsinki. Tuotetekno is part of world wide GIS sales network that is formed by over 50 companies around the globe.

Tuotetekno designs, manufactures and imports high grade lifting equipment for professional use. All our suppliers are leaders of their own fields. All products are CE-marked and we give EC-declaration for products we product. Feel free to contact our sales team to know more.

Everything for lifting

From Tuotetekno you will get all needed from power supply systems to control centers for many hoists. We provide all you need to get fully operative system: we design and manufacture, deliver, install and inspect, train to use and do maintenance for cranes, hoists and tracks.

Quality system, recycling and environment

Tuotetekno takes care that every item is recycled properly. We ensure that all recyclable materials will be recycled locally to save our environment from all types of waste and pollution.

Reliable partner

Tuotetekno Oy is part of Finnish systems that ensure quality of business. Tuotetekn is a proud member of Suomen Yrittäjät, Kunnossapitoyhdistys, Teknisen Kaupan Liitto andSuomalais-Venäläinen kauppakamari.

Quick delivery, flexible service

We keep small stock for equipment of highest demand so we can ensure shortest possible delivery of these items. Some of our products are half complete so we can reduce delivery time by only adding the parts that differs like chains for hoists and controller cables. Core part of our business is special solutions for customers that can be altered almost infinitely.

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